Thursday, October 2, 2008


If I haven't admitted it before, I will now, I have a weak spot for magazines. I love them! I love the pictures, the articles and the information they provide... I just love them! However, I don't usually pay the store price of $4.99, unless I am thinking about subscribing.

Anyway, I have been working hard at the gym 3-5 days per week for about 8 months. I have noticed a small decrease in weight, a few inches off my butt and thighs, put nothing off my tummy!
Boo! So, I my body is quickly moving, especially as I get older, from the "hour- glass" figure to a "square figure". know when your measurements are the same around your chest, waist and hips. Sponge Bob! Oh, no! I have a Sponge Bob figure!

I've tried sit-ups, ab machines and cutting back on carbohydrates but nothing! So, when I saw the big, bold letters "
LOSE YOUR BELLY! See results in just 12 days", I put down the candy bar and bought the magazine. I read it cover to cover, learned a little, but never found the belly article and I didn't give it a second thought. Until, a friend who borrowed the magazine, returned it and said, "interesting magazine, but I couldn't find the article on '14 amazing sex secrets'". I guess they wanted to keep it a secret. So, after telling my friend "there is no such thing as sex secrets" (hoping she will tell me hers) and loaned her my teenager's sex education book, I decided to call the magazine.

ME: I bought your magazine for $4.99 at the store and couldn't find a few articles.
Reader Services Lady: OK, what articles?
ME: Well, the one that is published on the front in big bold letters, "LOSE YOUR BELLY!"
Reader Services Lady: Well that is throughout the whole magazine, there is not specific article. Is there any other ones?
ME: ..ahem...14 sex secrets
RS Lady: In 2 articles on pages Blah-Blah and page Blah-blah
ME: 2 articles? So you combine the articles and make them "amazing 14"? ...Hmmm isn't that false advertisement? And with the belly article it specifically says "in just 12 days"... how can you lose belly fat in 12 days with no plan?
BS Lady: No it is not false advertisement and you have to piece together the entire magazine.... personally, I don't think one can lose their belly in 12 days. Ha-ha
ME: (She's got that right!)
BS Lady: well I will defiantly pass on your comments to the editors.

Well, I will personally, pass on buying this magazine again (Women's Health). I am a little bitter about the $4.99... boy was I a sucker! On the bright side I did save $10 by not subscribing to the magazine.