Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Help! I 'm becoming my Mother!

Or am I? I hope not.
Well, I guess it wouldn't be too bad (oh yes it would!).
Either way, I will not,
I repeat not:
  1. Put a teaspoon of rum in my child's milk to get them to go to sleep
  2. Cover their faces with 2 inches of Vaseline to protect them from the cold (maybe just a thin layer). ---Talk about competitive Mommies... I think back in the 70's, Moms liked to show off their winter-snow, dressing skills. If everything was covered including the eyes and the child could barely walk due to layering... you were doing well as a Mom.
  3. Make casserole surprise every night (I refuse to make casseroles to this day).
  4. Say for the 101 + time while eating popcorn, "This is my really cleans me out"
  5. Go to their school dances and dance the old school way in the middle of their friends
  6. Sing or sing the wrong words to songs while their friends are in the car
  7. Wear bright, funky, flowered clothing
  8. Store a whole meal in my purse from the church potluck
  9. Talk to everyone in the store about anything and everything
  10. Try to find a learning, behavior or any abnormal diagnosis' for each of my children (my children are perfect, until otherwise notified... and even then I may not agree)
The good news, I have a husband who will tell me when I am being like my Mother. This usually snaps me back into shape.


Momma Val said...

Oh Geez,
I got 5 thru 9. I'm kinda proud of it though. I got each one from my mom too. Scary! Good thing is that I don't smoke, drink pop all day, pull my kids hair, or discourage my children from joining activities cause it interferes with my schedule as a SAHM? like my mother. YIKES!

Sara said...

I will not:

Pick on my child's face if some kind of blemish shows up.

Tell my child "I'm cold. Put on a sweater."

Get all bent out of shape about what she's wearing (as long as it's not obscene or offensive).

Try to play "hostess" when her friends come over to the point at which they can't even have fun because they're too busy being "entertained".

Make everything be all about me (including things that have NOTHING to do with me).

Point out her physical flaws constantly (she's flawless in her mother's eyes).

Or any of the things that you listed. Yikes!

Jennifer said...

lol to the popcorn!

debawriter said...

I SO want to do the rum thing.

But I won't.

Today, anyway.


JENN said...

OMG Sara! - are Mothers are twins separated at birth!

Jason -GorillaSushi said...

Put embarrassing notes in their lunches? Every day.

JayMonster said...

I hate to say this, but that list... will still be there, it will just be different.

No, you may not wear the flower print dress, but you will have some outfit that you love, that your kids will think, "OMG, what is she thinking?"

Lest you think I am picking on you, I am not. It is not just men, it is not just women, as we grow older we all have those things that we hold on to just a little too long because they remind us of when we are younger. Or we try to be "cool" when it really isn't possible, it is just shades of embarassement for the kids.

Yes, some are better than others, but still someday, our kids will have lists of what they swear they will not do, just as we do now.

JENN said...

I agree Jay. A lot of it is just accepting who we are as people.

I look forward to reading my daughter's list. As my Mother says, "Its interesting to read how you view me. Its a lot different then how I view myself".

john b said...

Hi Jenn,
Great post. The vaseline brings back memories! Also, when my son was in middle school, I tried to chaperon a couple of school dances. Boy did I feel out of place! They just don't dance like we used to. Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

But will you lick your thumb to remove a smudge from your child's face? ;)

JENN said...

Thats a tough one Ainse! I think I already did that! OH NO!