Thursday, December 18, 2008

"I'm Eloise and I am 6"

(Dear Abby,)

I have been working with Little Bean on saying, "I am 2" or "2 and a half" ... but I have failed. And now she has changed her name to her favorite book hero!

When people ask Little Bean's age, her reply is one of the following:

1. 6 years and 4 months
2. 5 and a half
3. "I'm Eloise and I am 6!"

Do you think I should just give up?

Okay... I'm not so sure. After working with daughter #1 on how to tell time when she was 8,9,10,11 and 12 years old... I gave up. It just was not happening. The expensive watches and cheap plastic clocks just did not work for her.
The problem is today, as a teen, she still can not tell time! Or even understands the concept of time. She wakes up late for school, she leaves late and has no idea when she should be home when out with friends. She uses her lack of ability to her advantage.

So, all the age related scenarios go through my head... like rated R movies, driving, drinking and voting. She will be like her sister and work it to her advantage.

So, I guess that answers my question.

Sorry for wasting your time with such foolishness. ;)


Momma Val said...

Hee! Hee! Well I know that many teenagers CAN tell time but are extremely time careless anyway. I wouldn't sweat it. She'll figure it out sooner or later. My 18 year old niece and 15 year old nephew are exactly the same way and both can tell time. The little one will figure it out when it needs to be known. I think many parents expect alot out of a two year old. They are just taking in so much info that it must easily get jumbled in their little brains. Don't feel bad my son will be 2 next month and can't really say anything and can't even hold up two fingers without all the other fingers joining in. Ha! It's OK, everything will work it's way out :)

Momma Val said...

Hello, anybody home? I miss your posts. You must be very busy. Here's something to inspire another post?

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Have fun!!!

Momma Val said...

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